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DOWNTOWN WOMEN'S CENTER....Volunteers needed October 16, 2016

Please contact Dame Marje Bennetts to volunteer:

Email: or Phone: (310) 802-4101

The mission of the Downtown Women's Center is to provide permanent supportive housing and a safe and healthy community fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability, and to advocate ending homelessness for women. They serve over 3,000 women each year thanks to our incredible community of supporters. Founded in 1978, the Downtown Women’s Center is the only resource in Los Angeles that is exclusively dedicated to serving the unique needs of homeless and very low-income women. DWC provides over 85,000 meals, 71 permanent supportive housing apartments, and a wide array of health, education and support services to more than 3,000 women each year.

LDEI will be volunteering as a group on Sunday, October 16th with the Downtown Women's Center. We arrive at 1 p.m. - prep snacks/ bag lunches for 100 and then hand out. We ask for donations to prep and serve sandwiches, fruit, healthy desert and more.

Downtown Women's Center is located at

442 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, California 90013

Phone (213) 680-0600. Secured Parking in DWC lot.

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